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China, with moderating economic growth, remains the behemoth growth engine the world needs to ride out the current economic malaise experienced in the USA and Europe.  Its expanding industries, infrastructure development and an enormous middle class population with increasing affluence are growth markets for imports and services of every kind.  Any business seeking to expand cannot afford to ignore China, but it is prudent to be forewarned and acquainted with the pitfalls and difficulties of doing business in this country.

Cross cultural business dealing is complex.  China business environment continues to evolve as political ideology reinvents itself in face of changing social economic demand.  The Chinese are astute and tough negotiators.   Their language and culture, business system and evolving regulatory environment are a challenge to companies seeking entry or extending their presence in China.   

Timing is the essence of business success.  Waiting until you have built up your Chinese expertise may cause you to lose the window of opportunity you have now.  Leverage on us to get expert advice or gain instant contact with your potential Chinese partners and customers.  Our consultant has over 30 years of successful business dealings with China.  Our online consultancy and training services will give you instant access to our expertise wherever you are - reducing opportunity loss, saving time and unnecessary travel expenses.   Our bilingual capability will ensure accurate communication between you and your customers, a critical success factor in cross cultural business development.

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Our expertise is accumulated over 30 years of continuous successful business dealings which began with our first meeting with Deng Xiaoping in 1979 (read more...)
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